Saturday, February 3, 2007

About South Saskatchewan Coucil of Orthodox Parishes

South Saskatchewan Council of Orthodox Parishes (S.S.C.O.P.) is an unofficial organization, which combines the following Romanian Orthodox Churches of the southern Saskatchewan:

-> in Assiniboia - Descent of the Holy Spirit (Romanian Episcopate - O.C.A.)
-> in Flintoft - Saints Peter and Paul (Romanian Episcopate - O.C.A.)
-> in Elm Springs - Ascension of Our Lord (Romanian - Patriarchal)
-> in Wood Mountain - Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord (Romanian - Patriarchal)

The meetings of S.S.C.O.P. are held twice a year, with the priest-in-charge present.

The purpose of S.S.C.O.P. is to share the resources, at the time of great shortage of priests, and the constant migration of Orthodox people within the Province of Saskatchewan.

At this time, all these parishes are being served, with the blessing of respective hierarchs, by the clergy of Saint George's Romanian Orthodox Cathedral and Saint Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church, both in Regina, SK.

Officers of the S.S.C.O.P. are:
President - Mrs. M. Popescul
Secretary - Mrs. J. Ciocia
Treasurer - Mrs. A. Rayner
Member - Mr. G. Bachiu
Member – Mr. L. Marcenko

for a few images and a brief history, please see listing for each of the four churches, up on the left, in Jan. & Feb. 2007 menu